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Blame It on Rio movie clips: THE MOVIE:`t miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: DESCRIPTION:Matthew (Michael Caine) tries to convince Jennifer (Michelle Johnson) to keep their love a secret.FILM DESCRIPTION:This attempt to remake the clever 1977 French farce Un Moment d`Egarement stars 50-film-a-year man Michael Caine as an executive named Matthew Hollis, who, together with friend Victor Lyons (Joseph Bologna), travels to Rio de Janeiro on business. Victor sets out on the town in search of a lambada partner, leaving Matthew to fend for himself against his friend`s over-sexed teenage daughter (Michelle Johnson), who`s come along for the ride. Soon, Matthew succumbs to her advances, despite his efforts to break off the affair, and finds himself a repeated statutory rapist, at least by American legal standards. The script plays out like an extended version of Three`s Company, with lots of near-misses and dumb-dumb humor; critics aptly noticed Caine`s apparent discomfort throughout the film.CREDITS:TM